flashcasts about account

Define 'intangible assets' and give examples.

Define 'forensic accounting'.

Define 'financial leverage' and its impact on return.

Define 'internal rate of return (IRR)' and its use.

Define 'contribution margin'.

Define 'cash flow from investing activities'.

Define 'goodwill' in accounting.

Define 'gross margin'.

Define 'comprehensive income'.

Define 'current assets' on a balance sheet.

Define 'budgetary control' and its purpose.

Define 'intangible assets'.

Define 'accrued expenses'.

Define 'financial leverage'.

Define 'capital budgeting' and its significance.

Define 'earnings per share (EPS)' and its calculation.

Define 'accounting cycle'.

Define 'capital budgeting'.

Define 'accumulated depreciation' and its impact on asset valuation.

Define 'consolidated financial statements'.

Define 'going concern' and its importance in financial reporting.

Define 'current ratio'.

Define 'accrual basis accounting'.

Define 'break-even point'.

Define 'deferred tax liability'.