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I just wanted to study biochem and spanish while digging holes in my garden.

Computers recently learned how to talk like humans. Actually, they've been talking for a while, but it only recently became affordable.

And by some kind of nerd magic, the cost is low enough for me to share it freely on the internet! If you create an account, you can create mix-and-match flashcast decks and tweak all the knobs.

Knowledge probably shouldn't be a class issue, so this site is committed to a frugly pricing model. And yes, there's a lifetime license for all y'all with subscription fatigue.

If you're curious about the Craigslist vibes, I went all-in on a cheap web stack. I want this site to run on a 2010 potato phone clinging to one measly bar of cell service. Of course it's ugly, but at least it's somewhat accessible and not eating our sunshine.

To keep things extra cheap, I generated most of the cards with GPT. This is obviously not ideal, but I've only got ten fingers and a skull filled with glitter. If you can, please help me increase quality by contributing cards and reporting errors. Email me at hello@taylor.town and I'll get back to you eventually.

Anyway, instead of learning biochem and spanish I went and built this stupid website.

Now go forth and download knowledge through your ears!