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End of Apartheid in South Africa

Event Leading to End of Cold War

Berlin Conference, 1884-1885

First Use of Atomic Bomb

Event Signifying the Start of the Space Race

First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Founder of Facebook

Concept of Social Contract

9/11 Attacks Location

Axis Powers in WWII

Fall of the Berlin Wall

Cuban Missile Crisis, Year

First Man on the Moon

First Industrialized Country

First Person in Space

First Female British Prime Minister

Chinese Cultural Revolution Start

Decolonization in Africa and Asia, Peak

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, Year

Climate Change Key Agreement

D-Day Invasion, Year

Event Leading to US Entry into WWII

Assassination Triggering WWI

First African Country to Gain Independence Post-WWII

Event Symbolizing End of Soviet Control in Eastern Europe