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Define the primary structure of proteins.

Define oxidative stress and its impact on cells.

Define a carbohydrate's basic molecular formula.

Define 'genetic code'.

Define 'lipid bilayer'.

Define the role of neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

Define 'metabolism'.

Define 'active transport' in cell biology.

Define 'monosaccharide' with an example.

Define tertiary structure of a protein.

Define 'polypeptide'.

Define the quaternary structure of proteins.

Define anabolism and catabolism.

Define gluconeogenesis.

Define 'mutation' in genetics.

Define 'ecosystem'.

Define a phospholipid and its role in cells.

Define 'lipids' and list two functions.

Define the structure of an alpha helix.

Define 'denaturation' of proteins.

Define 'allosteric regulation' in enzymes.

Define the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis.

Define the structure and function of microtubules.

Define secondary structure of proteins.

Define 'apoptosis' and its significance in multicellular organisms.