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Define a complete binary tree.

Differentiate between a directed and undirected graph.

Differentiate between adjacency list and adjacency matrix representations of a graph.

Define interval trees.

Explain the A* search algorithm.

Explain dynamic programming in relation to data structures.

Define the concept of a persistent data structure.

Define a trie (prefix tree).

Define a union by rank and path compression in disjoint-set data structures.

Define amortized analysis in the context of algorithm complexity.

Define a quadtree.

Define the Boyer-Moore algorithm.

Define linear probing in the context of open addressing.

Define a weighted graph.

Define a dense graph.

Explain Breadth-first search (BFS) in tree traversal.

Define a segment tree.

Define the concept of an exponential tree.

Define a k-d tree (k-dimensional tree).

Define a doubly linked list.

Define Dijkstra's algorithm.

Define a hash function in the context of hash tables.

Define a priority queue.

Define AVL tree.

Define a graph vertex.