flashcasts about account

Define 'transnational corporation'.

Define 'carrying capacity' in environmental geography.

Define 'cultural hearth'.

Define 'gentrification'.

Define 'urbanization'.

Define 'spatial association'.

Define 'food desert'.

Define 'physiological density'.

Define 'quaternary economic activity'.

Define 'gross national income (GNI)'.

Define 'megacity'.

Define ' sustainability'.

Define 'primary economic activity'.

Define 'globalization' in economic geography.

Define 'absolute location'.

Define 'agglomeration economies'.

Define 'nation-state'.

Define 'sovereignty'.

Define 'site' and 'situation' in urban geography.

Define 'rank-size rule'.

Define 'GDP' and its significance in geography.

Define 'cultural convergence'.

Define 'balkanization'.

Define 'cultural landscape' in human geography.

Define 'heartland theory'.