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Define the law of mass action in the context of chemical reactions.

Define the term 'allosteric site'.

Define 'bioremediation'.

Define 'pharmacokinetic phase' in drug action.

Define 'bioavailability' in pharmacology.

Define 'genomic imprinting'.

Define 'optical isomerism'.

Define 'autocrine signaling'.

Define 'steric hindrance' in organic chemistry.

Define 'chirality' in organic chemistry.

Define pharmacokinetics.

Define 'potentiation' in pharmacology.

Define osmosis.

Define 'reactive oxygen species' (ROS) and their impact on cells.

Define 'biotic potential'.

Define 'monoclonal vs polyclonal antibodies'.

Define second law of thermodynamics in the context of biological systems.

Define 'haploinsufficiency'.

Define 'allopathic medicine'.

Define 'competitive exclusion principle' in ecology.

Define Gibbs free energy.

Define 'ecotype'.

Define 'synaptic plasticity'.

Define enantiomers.

Define 'pharmacogenomics'.