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Applying the remainder theorem in polynomial division

Calculating compound interest

Calculating the buoyant force on an object submerged in a fluid

Calculating the arc length of a function

Applying the laws of logarithms to solve equations

Calculating the area of a circle

Applying the principle of conservation of energy in physics

Calculating the area of a trapezoid

Applying the fundamental theorem of algebra

Applying the concept of conditional probability

Applying the concept of geometric series in summation

Calculating the cross product of two vectors

Calculating the coefficient of variation

Applying Stoke's theorem in vector calculus

Calculating the centroid of a geometric shape

Calculating the acceleration of an object

Calculating the area of a parallelogram

Applying the Pythagorean theorem

Applying the concept of linear independence in vector spaces

Applying the midpoint rule for numerical integration

Applying Euler's formula in complex analysis

Applying the concept of absolute value

Calculating the break-even point in economics

Applying Pascal's triangle to binomial expansion

Calculating the derivative of a function